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MOODS Condoms


Moods is a condom brand made from natural rubber latex. It is manufactured by HLL Lifecare Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of condoms. Moods condoms are exclusively distributed by RDL Distributors in Jamaica and are available in many exciting variants; dotted, ribbed, scented, flavoured (chocolate,bubblegum,fruit), ultrathin and climax delay.

  • MOODS XXX Condoms are ribbed, dotted and flared to multiply the pleasure during love making.
  • MOODS Ultrathin Condoms are so thin that they give an extra sensation during lovemaking.
  • MOODS Dotted Condoms have specially moulded super dots on the outside to stimulate and heighten the pleasure of lovemaking.
  • MOODS Coloured Condoms come in a range of special colours to suit your mood and add to visual eroticism during lovemaking.
  • MOODS Chocolate Flavoured Condoms are specially lubricated to stimulate and heighten your sexual pleasure.
  • MOODS Bubblegum Condoms add fun to your lovemaking with its unique bubblegum flavour.
  • MOODS All Night Condoms have a special ingredient (4% Benzocaine in PEG) that prolongs the act of love making.
  • MOODS Scented Condoms have special fragrances (rose, jasmine, musk and motia) to arouse the
    senses and heighten the pleasure of lovemaking.
  • MOODS Fruit Flavoured(Strawberry) Condoms have special flavours to suit the varied tastes of lovemaking like banana, vanilla and orange.
  • MOODS Ribbed Condoms have specially moulded ribs on the outside to stimulate and heighten the pleasure of lovemaking.